🔥Sneakers FILA ''Custom''shoes 2021🔥 | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT
🔥Sneakers FILA ''Custom''shoes 2021🔥 by ddjames
🔥Sneakers FILA ''Custom''shoes 2021🔥 by ddjames
🔥Sneakers FILA ''Custom''shoes 2021🔥 by ddjames

🔥Sneakers FILA ''Custom''shoes 2021🔥

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🔥Sneakers FILA ''Custom''shoes 2021🔥 CUSTOM SHOES! 82631..6497 MESSAGE ME BEFORE BUYING! Here is an example of what I have painted for a customer! Ask me what you want and I can paint it for you! High quality paints used, the design won’t scratch or rub off. Water proof!

Processing Time2-3 weeks

Covered by Buyer Protection

If the item does not ship within the time stated (and you do not agree on a new ship by date with the artist), you can take advantage of buyer protection.

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1 reviews
Been over 30 days still no response from artist ddjames...they sent me a tracking # and it said delivered..then they said oooops that was not for you...no phone to contact and no one contacts me back but they have my 410.00 and I have no product I would say they are a scam! The pic of the sneakers I ordered was stolen from another artists page So buyers beware stay away

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