Nike Air Force 1︱Black Sparkles ✨🖤 | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT

Nike Air Force 1︱Black Sparkles ✨🖤

ARTIST: tony
4.46 (59)


-High Durability, won't peel or scratch off :) -if you want any changes in color/design message me -New original White Nike Air Force 1 shoes -Non refundable/exchanges -Processing time: ~4 weeks -Shipping time: 2-3 weeks (might take longer because of corona) -if you have any other questions I’m also available on[kitoyo7]

Processing Time4-5 weeks

Covered by Buyer Protection

If the item does not ship within the time stated (and you do not agree on a new ship by date with the artist), you can take advantage of buyer protection.

Group 84
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Group 84


59 reviews
Well done. Thanks
Very happy with the quality
Shoe we’re not good at all I’m very upset
tony's Artist Profile Picture
Artist: tony
January 2021
Hi Jack! I’ve messaged you privately so we can resolve the issue, i have pictures of your order and it is exactly the same as the design your purchased here, but i would like to know why were you disappointed and how we can fix this. Thank you 🙏🏻 🤍
Zain Iftikhar
January 2021
The shoes were amazing!!!!! Tony did a fantastic job with the details
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