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New York, United States
Art for everyone ORDERS SHIP IN 3-4 WEEKS
4.21 (53)
3 - 4Process Time (weeks)
Araceli Gutierrez
October 2020
They look great. My goddaughter really loved them. Thank you
Renée Kronenburg
October 2020
They look exactly like the picture and I love the reflective laces!
October 2020
i like them and get compliments the only issue is the shoe lace would leave pink stains on the shoe
October 2020
The picture doesn’t do the actual product justice I’m totally satisfied & I’ll definitely be ordering from The Custom Movement in the very near future.
I love these shoe’s ! I love how they turned out ! family & friends loved how they turned out ! I really recommend these !
Review of Custom Sneaker by cloutcvlture
October 2020
Awesome! Gorgeous work, totally love them!!!!
Love these. The laces they came with were too short, but when I contacted the seller, they mentioned that they are going to send the correct ones as soon as they get them. Otherwise very happy with these.
Elisabeth Telcinord
September 2020
She love it good quality
Review of Custom Sneaker by cloutcvlture
Yoosook Byun
September 2020
Um the shoes are really pretty but it took more than 3weeks just for shipping + the Sakura fell off in just one wear. I don’t think I’m going to buy from this Artist again.
Carmen L Bravo
September 2020
I Love my shoes they are perfect
Jessice Williams
September 2020
I gave it 3 stars because my daughter likes them, but it looks like someone put temporary tattoos on them, the stars are peeling off and the stars are grays black with a very dull sparkle.
kirby kliafas
September 2020
the laces were too short but in all i loved the shoes.
Alexis Santos
September 2020
Simply beautiful. My fiancee loved it.
Jean-Luc Renouil
September 2020
Nice work
In love with all their products, can't wait to get more
Shawnelle Davis
September 2020
The butterflies on the shoes came off after one wear. They looked great but certainly not worth the amount spent.
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Artist: cloutcvlture
September 2020
Hello, send us a message and we will fix this issue.
Lisa J Carden
September 2020
Super cute and no paint has chipped
September 2020
I love it
Hannah Smith
September 2020
Butterflies came off after one wear, glue is showing, and sparkles are black not "sparkly". Emailed and asked for a refund, but after looking at these reviews for the same shoe I'm worried I won't receive a response. Save your money, 200 dollars wasted.
Review of Custom Sneaker by cloutcvlture
Netashia williams Panico
September 2020
Awesome shoes great service I get compliments everywhere I wear them
Cynthia S Contreras
September 2020
My daughter absolutely loves her shoes!!
Cristian valdez
September 2020
The butterflies came off of just one wear
annaston geaslin
September 2020
they were very well done and the reflective stars are super super cute! i love taking flash pictures with them!
Jarisus Harvey
September 2020
Tatum Gabrielson
September 2020
Butterfly decals peeled off after wearing these shoes ONLY 6 times! Such a Rip off!!!
They were exactly what the picture showed what they would look like. And they fit really well since my daughter has wider feet. But we started noticing that that reflective butterflies are already starting to peel off . Which was kinda disappointing but she still loves the shoes overall but would be better if the butterflies wouldn’t be peeling and coming off..
Sarah El Ammar
August 2020
Looked amazing! Loved them and will definitely order again
Ashlyn Mylander
August 2020
Loveeeeeee themmm!!! So cool!
Loved the shoes so much!! they are soooo cute
Review of Custom Sneaker by cloutcvlture
August 2020
Worst shoes ever stitching and all details looked like a five year old made them and didn’t finish the job paint came off after wearing them once, shipping took way too long I paid $350+ for what?
Review of Custom Sneaker by cloutcvlture
Review of Custom Sneaker by cloutcvlture
Review of Custom Sneaker by cloutcvlture
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Artist: cloutcvlture
Hi, your shoes were delivered almost three weeks ago, the pictures you provided here clearly show the shoes were worn extensively and it is not the state in which you received them.
Amber Riedel
August 2020
leaving 2 stars ONLY because I received them, when I got them there is glue left on the shoe also on top of the bandanna part, where he painted the AIR sign it was already chipped off in spots, was NOT worth the money!!! I will NEVER order from this ARTIST or THIS SITE again!!
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Artist: cloutcvlture
Hello, sorry about the inconvenience, please reach out to us and we will fix this for you. Thank you.
Nicole Gregori
July 2020
Love my shoes. Great detail and good quality. Thank you!
Quentin Allen
July 2020
Love the shoes. Just wish both panels could be done. You definitely have skills!
Natasha Byrd
July 2020
Love the shoes very much so just hate the time to get them like a month and a week I know the web site tell you the time but that’s kind of to long and it should offer express delivery if the person wants that but again loved the shoes and will order again
Juan Mojarro
July 2020
My daughter love the shoe
cloutcvlture's Artist Profile Picture
Artist: cloutcvlture
Thank you! Glad she liked them.
Look just like the photo!! Very cute
Maddie Tyska
July 2020
Love these shoes. Are definitely my favorite shoes i own !!Thank u!
lillie rosso
July 2020
Looks just like the picture
June 2020
Literally My Favorite Shoes ever!! And shipping was fast, highly recommend!
Tareck Albahri
June 2020
I just got my shoes today and I only have one word to describe the quality of the shoes: AMAZING, I will shop in the future, Very good job
Jesus Martinez
June 2020
The shoes were fireeee. I love em:)
Ninoshka M Nicolau-Zacarias
June 2020
Love my air forces!!!
Adrian Pangdao Vang
June 2020
With the amount of time given to make the shoe, it shouldn't have look horrendous. There clearly was no effort and care put into making the shoe. A waste of money.
June 2020
The shoes were too fire will definitely buy another pair
Fatima Zeghir
June 2020
Absolute terrible, I would never buy another pair from this artist! I paid $192 with shipping for a pair of Air Force 1s and the design peeled off after wearing them twice. I contacted the artist about this issue and never heard back. I even sent the artist pictures of the peeling! Such a waste of money, wouldn’t recommend at all!
Kaden Higginbotham
June 2020
These are the best custom shoes I’ve ever bought. The talent they have to make such high quality designs is amazing.
Bianca Alexandru
May 2020
Im in LOVE! The detail is fantastic im obsessed and cant wait to get more shoes from Yall!
Eric Thomas
May 2020
The shoes are awesome... well put together and my daughter loved them.. they arrived 2 days early and they are NICE.. will order again..
Linda Sallie
May 2020
These shoes are so beautiful!!! Will definitely be ordering again!
April 2020
Absolutely beautiful the customer service as well as the Artist themselves were so very help in answering all my questions they were easy to deal with and so very helpful. My daughter is very happy and we will be definitely be buying more shoes shoes for her. 😌💙😌
February 2020
I don't know where to leave a picture but The Gucci red AF1. Love Them they are Perfect
Tyreese F
January 2020
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