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The Custom Movement’s Top 5 Reasons to Buy Custom Sneakers and Apparel

The Custom Movement’s top-5 reasons for why you step up your game with ready-to-wear Custom Sneakers, Apparel, and Accessories.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Jul 6
The Custom Movement’s Top 5 Reasons to Buy Custom Sneakers and Apparel

New to custom sneakers and apparel?

The sneaker industry is becoming bigger and bigger, but less and less personal. For many colorways of Air Force 1s, Jordans, or Yeezys, their price tags can reach into the thousands of dollars for small variations in color. Worse, many of the colorways of hype sneakers can take years to re-release to the public, if they do at all.

Here at The Custom Movement, we want to change all of that. We think that you should have the right to have a sneaker that looks the way you want.

In this week’s countdown, we’re here to give you our top-5 reasons for why you should think of custom shoes and apparel first.

custom air force one

Air Force 1 Floral by Lagtheman

5. You Want The Newest Street Styles

At the Custom Movement, a spark of genius can quickly immediately become a design, and a design can quickly find its way onto a sneaker.

Unlike the slow design processes at most footwear companies, where you have to wait months for the colorway you want, and huge releases are capped at tiny supply, The Custom Movement and its many artists are creating new designs every day.

These designs can be created only for you, many of which are 1:1 custom designs that are unique to your future pair of shoes. What other sneaker company can create a shoe design that evolves from artist inspiration to hitting your doorstep in the same month?

4. You Want a Sneaker that is 100% Customizable

Custom sneakers and clothing is just that: custom. Custom sneakers and personalized designs are customized for your feet.

Love a design, except for one small detail? Want a small change, a loved one’s name, or a special artistic detail on the pair of shoes you are considering? Want a color swap or design touch to perfectly color coordinate with a new fit?

Unlike at big brands, all it takes is a short message to the artist, and your ideas can quickly fill their design space. Because customizers can make changes to each sneaker, your Air Force 1s are ready to be changed to your desires.

BTS by Sneakuniq

BTS by Sneakuniq

3. You Want to Support Amazing Artists

One of the coolest parts of our customizers is that you actually have the opportunity to speak with the person creating the shoe’s design.

Each Custom Movement artist is unique, with their own design language, artistic inspiration, color palette and tools for their preferred canvases.

All of our artists are at the top of their game, constantly improving their skills and finding inspiration in their lives. Our artists are ambitious, many with successful art school, studio, and design backgrounds who have a special passion for the sneaker and accessory game. They are here to change the way we look at sneaker designs.

As they grow in their craft and gain following, we wouldn’t be surprised if the next Virgil Abloh, Chitose Abe, or Rei Kuwakubo is already hard at work here.

Mindofrivera BTS Artwork ("Mother’s Day")

Mindofrivera BTS Artwork ("Mother’s Day")

2. You are Supporting the Dreams of Small-Scale Customizer Boutiques and Studios

The custom sneaker artists you are supporting are the small-scale setups, the talented and artistic dreamers.

Your love of unique, personal clothing is also giving worldwide artists the chance to spread their artistic vision and passion to a larger audience.

Your support and patronage of their craft is what allows our customizers to grow, expand, and give them the change to be the next artistic star in the customized clothing space.

When they make it to that next stage, you are part of their success.

Inspiration by Bespoke.Kofi (Sold Out)

Inspiration by Bespoke.Kofi (Sold Out)

1. You are Joining an Artistic Movement

Everyone has a story, and artists tell it with their work. You are looking for amazing designs, but you are also moving the conversation.

The Custom Movement is a movement of all of our voices and stories; our experiences, our dreams, our collective artistic vision.

You are joining a growing family of creatives and those who love art, youth culture, and being unique. You are part of a movement to change sneaker culture.

Ready to join the movement?

What do you think about these reasons? Agree or Disagree? Feel free to send me your thoughts and ideas @Colsai on Instagram, as well as article requests and anything article-related.

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