The Custom Sneaker Holiday Guide 2019: Part 1 | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT

The Custom Sneaker Holiday Guide 2019: Part 1

Part 1 of The Custom Movement’s 2019 gift recommendations for every friend, family, and hard-to-shop-for person in your loyal crew.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Dec 8
The Custom Sneaker Holiday Guide 2019: Part 1

It’s holiday season! At The Custom Movement, your sneaker boutique for the rarest and most custom of works, we’ve seen a big popularity spike from the holiday season. To help those of you still on the fence about that gift decision, we’re making our 2-part, custom recommendations for you and your loved ones. We believe that there is a perfect sneaker for every kind of person here at The Custom Movement!

So, with that cup of hot cocoa, shop with us to beat the lines and cop the most unique of sneaker gifts, all from the comfort of your home. Happy Christmahanakwanzika!

The Everything Hypebeast (If it isn’t cool, it isn’t worth wearing)

BAPE. Louis Vuitton. Gucci. Supreme. For your younger brother who is everything hype, all the time. May we recommend...

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JORDAN x BAPE by MindofRivera ($360)

California-based Nathaniel Rivera creates one of his most unique and aggressive designs with his imagined Jordan 4 x BAPE collaboration. Starting with a baby-blue Jordan 4 (reminiscent of the Travis Scott Jordan 4’s) as his canvas, Rivera carefully details a pain-stakingly meticulous BAPE shark teeth pattern across the front of the shoe. Right before the triangle wing, he paints the giant, bloodshot shark eyes on the medial side. On the lateral side of each shoe, Rivera changes it up with a red lightning bolt. Adding an additional level of cool, he includes the BAPE gorilla on the tongue.

With a genius use of black and white color-blocking on the midsole and throughout the shoe, this is a sneaker creation that will have onlookers salivating over the detail, imagination, and hype factor of this sick sneaker. Best of all? You can bet that the small production numbers of these shoes means that you are giving a shoe and design of extraordinary rarity.

The Artist (If it isn’t art, it sucks)

Not sure what to buy for that older sister who doesn’t care about sneakers, but loves and frequents every art show and art blog? May we recommend...

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AF1 Murakami Black by TA Customs ® ($237)

Takashi Murakami, a Japanese artist, is well-known in contemporary art circles for how he brings art, anime, and Japanese culture into design and painting. With this custom, Takashi Murakami’s revolutionary floral arrangement pattern finds its way onto this wonderful work.

Better than buying tickets to an art show, these Air Force Ones show the world Murakami’s engaging, smiling flower design on the toebox and quarter panel. Otaku-art-inspired, Murakami’s design by TA Customs transforms these Air Force One sneaker into a special kind of sneaker art. At the same time, TA Customs keep the classic Air Force One design with its black swoosh and leather, a combination of tasteful reference and modern art. Part clean, contemporary design, and part artistic reference, these indie-scale Murakami sneakers by TA Customs are a perfect gift for that unique Japanese-loving artist friend.

Prefer a color swap?

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AF1 Murakami by TA Customs ® ($237)

TA Customs also has a flipped-ice white AF1 Murakami sneaker for those preparing for the spring.

The Jewelry Lover (Shiny things are the most beautiful)

What is it about shiny things that make them so special? Why are they so attractive and beautiful? What can you buy for that little sister or brother who keeps asking for bling? May we recommend...

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Nike Air Force 1- Rhinestone Stones Custom by Unique Shoe Customs ($205)

Available in Black and White

Germany-based Unique Shoe Customs adds a new element to Air Force Ones: rhinestones. As a diamond-simulant, rhinestones add a shine and pop to clothing and sneaker designs. While not diamonds, they are special and unique in their own way. The rhinestone detailing adds an element of eye-catching beauty to this pair of Air Force Ones.

Unique Shoe Customs don’t skimp on the rhinestone shine; on the swoosh and under the heel tab, and all throughout the design: outside, inside, and on the back of the shoe. What is incredibly impressive is the level of care that goes into these shining beauties. There are hundreds of rhinestones used, carefully and perfectly placed. Depending on the size of the shoe and size of the stones on hand, Unique Shoe Customs specifies that the number of stones used is unique to that shoe.

While the level of detail and handiwork comes at a price - care must be taken with the detailing - you can bet on that holiday smile when your bling-lover first unboxes these iced-out, spotless wonders - truly a sight to behold. Get your iciest shine for that shine lover!

The Nostalgia Lover (Things were just… better then)

Got that best friend who is still watching reruns of Cartoon Network, Nicktoon and Ecto Cooler commercials? That friend constantly telling you about how much better TV was back then? May we recommend...

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Powerpuff Girls (Air Force One) by Nikoswoosh ($299)

It feels strange talking about a Nikoswoosh creation that isn’t the transcendent Kanagawa Wave design. However, this Powerpuff Girls tribute shows a different side of Nikoswoosh’s art, with a loving tribute to a classic TV show.

Nikoswoosh begins with the classic white Air Force One, retaining most of the design elements of the original in this clean, restrained tribute. On the medial side, the trio of girls (Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup) are painted with the quality of paintwork we have come to expect from Nikoswoosh. On the lateral side, a glitter-pinked out Nike swoosh, a lovely-strong design touch that captures the feminine side of this cartoon design.

Give your nostalgia-lover the ability to fight evil in Townsville one more time with these clean PPG custom sneakers.

Thankful for the recommendations, or think they are trash? Have a recommendation or a shoe that you think I missed? DM me at @colsai on IG, and look for part 2!

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