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Sneaker of the Week: “Starburst Switch Custom Air Force 1”

See the rainbow. Feel the rainbow. Taste the rainbow with Walkthespectrum’s creative, colorful, cool custom Air Force 1 reimagining, in the vibrant colors of the spectrum.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Dec 31
Sneaker of the Week: “Starburst Switch Custom Air Force 1”

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"Starburst Switch” Custom Air Force 1 ($230)"

12 pieces. Starbursts were one of my favorite candies as a kid, and I remember breaking open the rectangle packaging, always saving the pink (Strawberry) ones for last. From the colorful inspiration reminiscent of the Starburst Tropical Flavors, customizer Walkthespectrum brings back memories of the vibrant, pastel-colored candy squares.

Dubbed the “Starburst Switch”, UK-based customizer Walkthespectrum completely recreates the look of the original Nike sneaker with this custom Air Force 1. From the bottom up, Walkthespectrum paints the midsoles in a light grape on the right sneaker, and sky blue on the left, all the way around the shoe.

Utilizing a nearly-full palette of Angelus paints, the leather uppers of the custom Air Force 1 are painted in a mixture of oranges, field greens, light blues, easter yellows and pinks, covering each area around the shoe, including the tongue. The pull tabs on the back of the shoe similarly feature a pastel pink and green on the glossy leather texture.

Additional, intricate details are added that raise the uniqueness of the shoes. With a grin towards their audience, both the medial side and lateral side of each shoe features numerous smiley-faces. The laces, too, share a family of smileys, over the custom orange fabric. Finally, Walkthespectrum deconstructs the traditional Nike Swoosh by reversing it and moving it, as well as adding an additional smiley directly on the reversed swoosh of the left shoe.

The Starburst Switch are a fun, playful pair of sneakers that instantly grab the attention of those around. They fit well in Walkthespectrum’s highly stylized, vibrant and colorful collection of custom sneakers, with their blend of unique, exciting flavors, and incorporate the high quality Angelus paints, deglazer and gloss finisher to ensure the beautiful work will remain.

Sure to satisfy the sweet tooth of any custom sneaker lover, check out Walkthespectrum’s artist page and creations on The Custom Movement, as well as their instagram @walkthespectrum.

Wishing everyone an awesome New Year! Send some love for your favorite sneakers of 2019 to @colsai on IG.

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