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Some Fall Designs We’re Feeling Right Now

Fall is here. Prepare in style with some of the best fall and winter-ready custom sneakers and shoes.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Oct 27
Some Fall Designs We’re Feeling Right Now

2019’s already almost over. Halloween is just around the corner. The leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping, and those pretty, white shoes from summer are slowly finding their way back to hibernation before they become covered in snow.

With the seasonal change comes those fall/winter essentials, the MA1 bomber jackets and puffy winter coats. It also means fall shoe season. We present to you a few shoe customs that we’re feeling for the upcoming fall/winter season right now...

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  1. TA customs’ Nike Drippy Air Force One ($236)

Air Force One High’s have a reputation for being a durable, tough shoe, and they are also the perfect canvas for a fall/winter shoe.

However, after over 30 years of production the regular black Air Force One High is also a bit… well... boring. These beautiful, custom painted Nike Air Force One’s by Netherlands-based TA Customs throw out the traditional Nike swoosh, and replace it with something very different: a hand-painted, ghostly, melting swoosh that will pop on the wintery black uppers.

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  1. Converse X Nike Chuck ($140)

Nathaniel Rivera is an artist out of California who creates some beautiful, inspired shoe designs. With these Converse X Nike custom Chucks, he completely flips the typical Chuck pattern and attaches the classic Nike swoosh with patches of his own design.

Of course, with Converse now being owned by Nike, it is also something of an ironic take on one of the most classic of shoes. This fusion of brands, care for details, as well as low-profile of the shoe make it a perfect fall/winter fit, a great combination of cool and affordable.

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  1. Peach Abstract Air Max ($349)

For something more wild and Octoberish, look no further than the Peach Abstract concept, by German grafitti artist Dac Crew. Covered in a glowing orange ‘peach’ paint job, Dac Crew fuses their tagging influences with the classic styling of the Air Max. Additionally, Dac Crew uses a special sealer for protecting the grafitti-style orange paint, ensuring that these are fall and winter-ready.

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  1. Custom Ray Charles & Stevie Wonder Timberland Boots ($480)

It would be almost impossible to talk about the fall and winter without talking about Timberlands. Long a classic staple as boots for bad weather, these are the boots that will carry you as falling leaves turn to falling snow. But with the boring uniformity of the classic wheat, it’s important to stand out.

Artist Blake Barash’s inspired tribute to two music legends does just that, and includes a quote from James Dean, “Dream as if you’ll live forever/Live as if you’ll die today” painted on the shoes- a reminder for us on the worst of those dreary journeys.

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  1. Stan Smith Artist ($310)

Sometimes, the doldrums of the seasonal cold along with the boring and muted colors outside can just feel overwhelming. Germany-based Born Originals loves vibrant, creative paint and designs on their shoes, and the Stan Smith Artist is some of their best work to date, with a smattering of colors over the black leather.

Combining the durability of the legendary Stan Smiths with the quality and beautiful paint that Born Originals is known for, the Stan Smith Artist is that ‘break your routine’ kind of shoe, ready to bring color to those cold gray days.

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