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Sneaker of the Week: “Custom Converse Chuck Taylor ‘Parra’”

With the most classic of shoes, French customizer Wasecustoms brings a sneaker with imaginative Dutch influence to The Custom Movement.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Dec 26
Sneaker of the Week: “Custom Converse Chuck Taylor ‘Parra’”

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Custom Converse Chuck Taylor ‘Parra’ ($210)

Wind back the clock a bit. Last year, in a sneaker collaboration with the well-known Dutch artist Pieter Janssen, better known as Parra, came one of the most special Air Max 1 projects in recent memory. 2018’s Nike Air Max 1 Parra was one of the most demanded Air Max models of recent years.

In this week’s Sneaker of the Week, customizer Wasecustoms shares a design inspired by those original game-changing shoes. Designing with the Converse Chuck Taylor as a base, Wasecustoms brings back the design elements of the Air Max in a new, joyful way.

Wasecustoms combines disparate designs of black polka dots, white and grey stripes, dreamy cloud whites and sky blues, and candy-cane pinks into a single sneaker. With it, Wasecustoms captures the wonder and creativity of the original Dutch artist that has been storming the modern art world.

Finishing the look, the sneakers sport a midsole referencing Off-White, with “Parra” written in bold black. In the true quality of customizers, Wasecustoms’ creative re-imagination is painted in durable, scratch-resistant Angelus paints.

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Loving the ideas, but already have the ‘Parra’ Chucks in your collection? Wasecustoms has a roster of verifiably colorful, creative works, as well as parcel tracking and careful attention to your sneaker needs. Check out their designs and their ‘Behind the Scenes’ on The Custom Movement, as well as their artist page or @wasecustoms on Instagram.

Happy Holidays to all! Have a custom shoe that you think deserves a shoutout? Send some love for your favorite sneakers to @colsai on IG!

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