Sneaker of the Week: “South Beach Vans” (12/15) | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT

Sneaker of the Week: “South Beach Vans” (12/15)

Think summer. Think cuban sandwiches, midday drinks, and the sunlit shine of sandy beaches. For this week, we bring you a shoe that is Miami.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Dec 15
Sneaker of the Week: “South Beach Vans” (12/15)

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Hot, humid nights. Palm trees lining the cityline. Fast cars, loud music, daring fashion, and the palpable electric night energy filling the air. Neon reds, pinks, and teals, lining each of the restaurant storefronts, filled with the delicious street foods. Flash, glitter, and glamor.

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Miami. In this week’s Sneaker of the Week, we bring you Sneaker Queens Customs and her beautiful sneaker creation. She integrates the iconic aspects of Miami aspects of the Florida city into this week’s custom sneaker, the South Beach Vans.

Starting with the Vans Old Skool lows, Sneaker Queens paints the bright teals and pinks along the upper, as well as a tasteful, tourist-cool palm tree print. In Miami font, she paints “Miami” onto the toe boxes of both of the shoes, and she finishes her creation with painting Miami’s “305” area code at the heel of the shoe. The flash of these shoes perfectly encapsulates the “look at me” sensibilities that make Miami what it is.

Sneaker Queens Customs, based in Ohio, USA, has a roster of cool, classic styles that you can find on The Custom Movement, as well as previous creations on her Behind the Scenes in her Artist page. With Las Vegas Sneakers, beautiful floral prints, and creativity in droves, her work is a worthy treat and fantastic addition to the ever-growing roster on The Custom Movement.

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Remember Miami sunsets, and bring back the city with you with these custom sneakers, and bring a piece of Miami home for your favorite sneaker-loving traveler.

Have a custom shoe that you think deserves a shoutout? Send some love for your favorite sneakers to @colsai on IG.

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