Sneaker of the Week: Red “Bapesta Vans” (12/01) | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT

Sneaker of the Week: Red “Bapesta Vans” (12/01)

California-Cool Cherry-Red Custom Sneakers for the fervent BAPE fans - just in time for the holidays.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Dec 2
Sneaker of the Week: Red “Bapesta Vans” (12/01)

Red "Bapesta" Vans ($170) by Shoereviver

What originated as an homage to the Air Force One, BAPE’s bapesta captured (or, perhaps, simply borrowed) many aspects of the original Nike shoe. What it replaced was the Nike branding, and in place, a style of its own: particularly, the BAPE shooting star.

Akin to the original, in this reimagined sneaker, customizer Shoereviver takes similar influences from the Bapesta, and adds them to another classic sneaker, the Vans Old Skool. Painted in a Christmas cherry-red, Shoereviver integrates these iconic BAPE touches into the classic sneaker canvas.

All around the classic shoe, Shoereviver paints the shoe in a eye-catching red. Many of the traditional Vans touches remain: the suede and canvas sneaker keeps the white Vans stripe on the medial side of the sneaker, leaving it classic. However, on the lateral side, they integrate the white shooting star on top of a crimson BAPE camo pattern, two design iconic design elements of the BAPE brand. These design elements combine into a distinctly BAPE sneaker, one that is very clean, and at the same time, unique. Shoereviver additionally promises a turnaround time on these shoes of 2-4 weeks, so these should arrive just in time for the holidays (but, check with them first!).

This recent release by California-based Shoereviver fits well into their selection of beautiful, clean work. Integrating the iconic design touches of brands and icons we salivate over most, and adding them to the traditional shoes of our childhood, Shoereviver brings affordable hype to the masses. Their California-cool design sensibility of combining mass cool with skater shoes are a great addition to the ever-growing roster of unique artists at The Custom Movement.

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Check out all their work at The Custom Movement, and start your shopping here for the holiday season!

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