Sneaker of the Week (11/23): Toy Story Custom Air Max 90 (Woodys) | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT

Sneaker of the Week (11/23): Toy Story Custom Air Max 90 (Woodys)

These wild, whacky, “Woody” custom sneakers are a loving tribute to an iconic childhood character.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Nov 26
Sneaker of the Week (11/23): Toy Story Custom Air Max 90 (Woodys)

Pixar’s Toy Story franchise will forever live on in our hearts. From the original Toy Story in 1995, to the latest Toy Story 4 (2019) being released this year, any kid or parent in the past three decades can instantly connect with the classic franchise.

Woody, Buzz, Bo, and Jessie and the brilliance of their toy box world adventures are an indelible part of our collective childhoods. This week, we want to spotlight a special sneaker that really brings back the Toy Story feelings, a perfect cop (or holiday present) for big fans.


Toy Story Custom Air Max 90

Let’s start with the obvious. There is a LOT going on with these Air Max 90s. But all of the design elements here capture Woody’s clothes.

The midsoles are painted a farm-brown, with gold around the air unit (a cute call-out to golden boot spurs). Above the midsole, a corduroy blue representing the jeans. Further up, on the toebox and near the shoe collar, are Woody’s gingham red-and-yellow jacket colors, with his vest represented in the black and white cow spotting surrounding it, which runs back to the heel counter. Rounding the sneakers out are a set of red laces (or, if you so request, a color of your choice) held by a gray lace cage.


But two other design elements really stand out: The “Toy Story” logo painted on the tongue, and the name “ANDY” painted on the bottom of the sole. As design elements, they are loving touches and references to the magic of the Toy Story franchise. These beautiful sneakers truly are an inspired design, and there are alternate versions of a Buzz sneaker as well.

Manchester-based Bluebee Customs is the brainchild of this Toy Story sneaker design. Bluebee fittingly paints with the highest quality Angelus paints, as well as uses a sealant to protect against weather and wear damage. As a custom workshop and hand-painter, they also have cleaning and repair services, and other lines of custom products. Check out their instagram at @bluebeecustoms, and keep them in mind for your holiday shopping!

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