Sneaker of the Week (11/16): Desert Camo Jordan 1 Mid | THE CUSTOM MOVEMENT

Sneaker of the Week (11/16): Desert Camo Jordan 1 Mid

The Custom Movement’s weekly custom sneaker is a super clean camouflage-inspired Air Jordan 1 mid by JJ_theartist.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Nov 16
Sneaker of the Week (11/16): Desert Camo Jordan 1 Mid

With this week being Veteran’s Day in America, a time of honoring those who served, we thought it would be cool to give a shoe that fits the holiday. @jj_theartiiist, or Jesse Johnson, is a UK-based custom sneaker artist with original designs, and awesome ideas in his work.


Desert Camo Jordan 1 Mid ($285)

Jordan 1 mids have always had a niche following, but with this creation, JJ brings some custom life through his work. Along the heel counter, stretching upwards along the upper, as well as painted on the toe box, JJ has painted these Jordan 1 Mids in a clean, attractive tan ‘desert’ camouflage pattern (not BAPE camo, either, if you aren’t a fan of those). He rounds out his design with an attractive, painted, tan swoosh. Combined with the subtle, clean color blocking of the blacks and whites, this shoe is super clean and understated. At The Custom Movement, we love wild designs, but there is also nothing like a well-executed, clean colorway.

Love the paint work, but not feeling the design? JJ’s custom sneaker line ranges from Pokemon, to Boondocks, to My Hero Academia, all painted in Angelus paint, the paint staple, a quality paint of the Custom sneaker industry. You can bet that they’re a quality, durable paint job, if you are worried about the winter weather or spring showers. JJ’s high quality, custom shoe paintings would make a great gift for the upcoming holidays, too, if you want to give a truly unique gift.

Check more of his work out at @jj_theartiiist on Instagram.

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