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The Crep Architect's Rainbow Butterfly AF1

A review of The Crep Architect's extremely popular Rainbow Butterfly Air Force 1 Custom Sneaker.
Akshar Bonu
Akshar Bonu ยท Oct 25
The Crep Architect's Rainbow Butterfly AF1

There are a lot of different artists who've created customs using the butterfly theme. One of my favorite such creations is the Rainbow Butterfly Air Force One by The Crep Architect.


In comparison to most butterfly customs you'll see that use iron on vinyl, this piece is entirely hand painted. Immediately, one would notice the stunning butterfly itself. The purple and blue gradient across the butterfly has a particular gravitas as it creates a real feeling of depth and texture.

The subtle use of color (such as the pink on the blue/purple butterfly) and the slight colorful splash around the swoosh shows an attention to detail on part of The Crep Architect. It ultimately creates a beautiful splatter effect the piece.

The black outlined swoosh with segments painted with a vibrant almost pastel yellow, blue and red is consistent with the rainbow splatter and endows the custom with an almost retro vibe.

It comes as no surprise that this is one of The Crep Architect's best selling pieces. He is a true talent and has much more to come as an artist and as a customizer. Check out his page on The Custom Movement to see more of his work:

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