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Danielle Parker's Exploration of the Floral Custom Sneaker Theme

Danielle Parker, also known as Dani Bee Arts, is one of our favorite artists exploring the floral and flower theme as applied to custom sneakers (specifically the Nike Air Force One). Here's a look at some of her work.
Akshar Bonu
Akshar Bonu ยท Oct 31
Danielle Parker's Exploration of the Floral Custom Sneaker Theme

Once in awhile you come across an artist who blows you away. For me, one of the first times I had that visceral feeling was when I stumbled upon the work of Danielle Parker, also known as Dani Bee Arts. I don't remember which design I saw exactly other than the fact it was one of her floral hand painted designs that she has become renowned for. I've wanted to write this piece for awhile to share my love for her floral designs.


Red and Pink Flower Design ($225)

First is this stunning red and pink flower design. This rose custom air force one design feels particularly warm with the red and pink. I also love how Danielle creates a feeling of depth by including a small part of the design on the Nike swoosh in addition to making parts of the leaves appear as though they are curling away from the viewer.


Blue and Orange Flower Custom ($225)

Second is this vibrant blue and orange flower custom. As compared to the earlier piece, this one feels visually to have more going on the canvas. In fact, in addition to the blue and orange flowers, one can notice a few subtle yellow sunflowers on the edges of the sneakers giving even more pop.


'Living Life on the Prairie' Flower Customs ($225)

Aptly called "Living Life on the Praire", one could expect this beautiful imagery to come out of a patch of flowers one might found in such an ecosystem. What I particularly love about this piece is the subtlety of the central white flowers which blend into the white canvas giving a viewer paying proper attention a wonderful visual treat and detail.


'Tutti Frutti' Flower Custom ($225)

For those of you that may not know, "Tutti frutti" is a colorful treat containing various candied fruits chopped into small pieces. As you may guess, the color profile of this treat mimics the vibrant pink and orange flowers prominently on display in this work of art. A wonderful name we'd say that is as delicious as this artwork is captivating.

It is our privilege that we get to work with artists like Danielle and we encourage you to check out her work and page below. In the theme of floral and flower art, she is one of the best you could find and we're excited to see her continue producing wonderful work. We are excited for the new areas she may explore in the months and years to come.


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