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Custom Vans of the Week: "Slip-On Vans ‘Cloud’"

This week, artist Mackenzie Mahoney brings us a glimpse at the heavens with this fresh pair of hand-painted Vans custom sneakers.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Mar 16
Custom Vans of the Week: "Slip-On Vans ‘Cloud’"

A Canvas of Blue Skies and Distant Clouds

This week’s sneaker of the week is the Slip-On Vans ‘Cloud’ by Mackenzie Mahoney. Life is crazy, life is hectic, and it’s often easy to forget the small things around us. It’s easy to simply forget that every once in a while, it’s important to simply reflect and witness the beauty around us. To gaze upon the shifting clouds and blue skies over us with fresh eyes. With this week’s sneaker, customizer Mackenzie Mahoney allows us to do just that, to take our mind off the chaos of the world.

The beauty of Mackenzie’s Vans revolves around the simplicity, intricacy, and beauty of their design. This simplicity begins with the Vans Slip-On sneaker that Mackenzie uses as a canvas for their design. The Vans Slip-On is a classic sneaker, with its canvas-material uppers and rubber waffle outsoles, it is a rugged, lasting design. It is also extraordinarily minimalistic, with few additional design touches, lacking laces, a heel-tab, or large branding and logo designs that find their fitting home on many other sneakers.

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Mackenzie’s work begins with their intricate paint detailing of the blue sky. In shades of azure, the toe box and tongue are painted carefully. With the fabrics of the canvas upper, the sky’s hue appears to shift depending on how the light hits it.

The main feature of these custom Vans are the intricate clouds, however. With work that appears almost-photographic, Mackenzie beautifully combines the cloud’s shadows, volume, soft whites with the pastoral blue background. Combining the differing clouds of both the right and left shoe, these custom Vans sneakers perfectly combine to form a small window into the vast sky above.

It’s a sneaker that is a cathartic pleasure to view, exuding a calming, clean, and transcendent portrayal of the sky above us all. With the luxury of premium paints and top-grade paintwork from Mackenzie, the Vans Slip-On “Cloud” is a perfect piece.

With an excellent eye for colors, designs, and ideas, Mackenzie is an artist that you need to check out!

*Wishing all of you the best of health and safety in this time.

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