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Customizer’s Creations Part 2: The Drip

Welcome to part-two of an ongoing series on custom sneaker innovations. This week, we bring you the drip: high fashion, dripping gorgeous on the custom Nike Air Force 1s, Adidas, and all your favorite sneakers.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Feb 18
Customizer’s Creations Part 2: The Drip

Welcome to part-two of Customizer’s Creations, with a spotlight on the “drip”

Say hello to the drip. Literally, a word that means the drip of jewelry, high-fashion clothes, those who drip the freshest, most on-trend styles.

Customizers’ combination of the “drip” with the custom sneaker drip

If the “drip” is something melting with style, custom sneaker artists have brought their icy, caramel-flowing stylistic drip by paint to sneaker.

When The Custom Movement’s best customizers bring their A-game, we are graced with some of the most eye-catching, fashion-forward sneaker designs and drips. We now bring you four custom sneakers from four special artists that bring unique game to the idea of the drip.

These unique, culture-clashing collections of custom sneakers are truly transcendent designs that you have to check out.

Fluorescent Red/Blue Drip

custom air force 1 mid drip

Fluoro Drip Air Force 1 by NamiraBCreations ($250)

These eye-catching, vibrant custom Air Force 1 Mids by NamiraBCreations start off our list of custom sneaker drips. Creating in a canvas of a midnight black Air Force 1, NamiraBCreations paint in Tiffany blues, apple reds in a unique custom creation that prominently features the drip design.

From the front of the shoe, the area around the toe box is haunted by a splatter of a wistful Tiffany blue paint that splash along the sides. The prominent strap of the mid capture the red apple color that is similarly featured on the shoe.

These design touches emphasize the true spotlight of this Air Force 1: the large, Tiffany-blue swoosh coated with an apple red that appears to slowly drip down the side. Outlined in black paints, NamiraBCreations outline their dynamic red-coated blue drip swoosh.

This tri-tonal combination of blacks, reds, and blues is simply one of the cleanest, coolest custom sneaker designs of late. With quality paints and classic quality, NamiraBCreations cook up an instant classic with this Air Force 1 drip.

The Universal Drip, Stars and Planets Included

custom air max 90

Air Max 90 ”Universe Drip” by Daccrew ($379)

With a stroke of otherworldly imagination, customizer Daccrew puts their brush to canvas to paint the extraterrestrial drip with this pair of Air Max 90 custom sneakers.

Leaving the shoelaces, heel tab, and tongue clean of these customs, but painting literally everything else, Daccrew paints an interstellar portrait in blacks, reds, yellows, pinks, blues, and greens. Planets, stars, vortexes, lightning bolts, and black holes all make an appearance on various parts of the custom sneaker’s upper and midsole. These eye-popping, transcendently-painted creations speak a galactic story in an admirable attempt to integrate a true diversity of design and paintwork, a testament to the skill and creativity that Daccrew brings to The Custom Movement.

The smaller, but effective, ghostly drip of the Air Max 90’s swoosh brings everything together. A heavenly capturing of the heart of the shoes, the color blocking of the whites along with the dark, mysterious universe hues are a brilliant combination. These custom Air Max 90s are a treat to behold, and to own.

Space-loving, color-coveting sneaker collectors have a perfect sneaker in Daccrew’s Universal drip classic.

Candy Pink Gumdrop Drip

bubble gum custom air force one

“Pink bubble drip swoosh” by CustomedAf (Sold Out)

With a drip design that is reminiscent of Homer’s iconic pink donut, these delicious-looking custom Air Force 1s are painted in dripping, pink paints by CustomedAf.

A classic combination of delicious, cute, and cool, customizer CustomedAf keeps it classic with a white Air Force 1 low as their canvas. With a focus on two parts of the shoe, she paints the dripping swoosh in pinks, whites, and outlined blacks for the accenting. Decked out in an included pink lace swap and with a delicious, donut-icing Nike swoosh that trickles and melts down the side, CustomedAf’s Air Force 1s sing in this sugary-sweet design. Sometimes, design simplicity can go a long way, and these pink bubble drip customs have the right amount of paintwork to be a truly special custom sneaker.

Essex, UK-based CustomedAf paint these clean Air Force 1 customs with high quality acrylics and finishers, ensuring a scratch-resistant, waterproof custom design. While CustomedAf’s Pink bubble drip swoosh sneakers are currently sold out due to demand, it’s definitely worth it to inquire about a pair for the future. These kawaii-cute classics won’t sit long.

Ultra-Icey Winter Drip

icy custom air force one

”Ice Drip” by Kustomb $220

With it nearing March, much of the snowy season is nearly at its end. However, with California-based Kustomb’s “Ice Drip” design, you can keep the winter vibes well into the spring and summer seasons. These iced-out, icicle drip custom Air Force 1s will drop temperatures and draw the attention of onlookers.

This beautiful custom Air Force 1 brings a winter-drippy, ice-cold classic to the drip game. With soft blues overlayed with white snowflake designs, all accented by black outlining and detailing, these winter drip Air Force 1s are an instant classic. With exquisite attention to detail and careful paintwork, these custom sneakers are washed in winter wonder. Kustomb also paints the soft, wintery blues on the “AIR” of the midsole, a small but welcome detail that pays significant dividends in the design of the shoe.

Kustomb paints a cute, ice-cool, classic wintery-fresh design with these Ice Drip wonders, and these are a drip shoe that are perfect for keeping the temperatures sub-zero. A veteran of the custom sneaker game, Kustomb paints these beautiful customs with high quality acrylic paints, and finishers that will protect your sneakers for years to come.

Final Thoughts

With a movement of custom sneakers that capture a design unseen from the factories of Nike or Adidas, the melting, syrupy-sweet drip designs epitomize the forward thinking fashion of the hyper-talented artists here at The Custom Movement.

If you are looking for a design and artist that truly brings a fresh experience to your custom sneaker closet, these four custom drip designs are a perfect place to start.

Loving or hating on custom drip delicacies? Thinking of the custom design feature for part 3? DM me @Colsai on IG about anything sneakers!

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