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Customizer's Creations Part 1: The Broken Swoosh

In this part-one of a series on custom sneaker design trends, we discuss the evolution of Broken Swoosh on customs sneakers at the Custom Movement. On customs like the custom Air Force One, sneaker customizers have true freedom to break what they please.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Jan 28
Customizer's Creations Part 1:  The Broken Swoosh

Welcome to the 1st part of a series on different custom sneaker design features!

This week, we are featuring the broken Nike swoosh, which has found its way onto many custom Air Force One sneaker designs. A new idea in the customizer’s toolkit, we think about the trend and share three important, inspired designs with the broken swoosh design.

Importance of the Nike Swoosh, and The Custom Movement customizer effect

The Nike Swoosh is one of the world’s universal symbols. It flies high in the corporate clouds, along with the golden arches or Coca-Cola’s red and white circle. Most of the time, it’s felt only the tender, loving care from the sneaker giant.

It’s been flipped, repeated and stacked, or played with. Comme Des Garcons rearranged it and broke it neatly into two on their Air Force One black and white drop from last year.

But torn to pieces? Chopped apart?

From a cadre of dedicated artists on The Custom Movement, one of the sickest custom sneaker designs of the moment is the broken swoosh sneaker, which does just that. Here are three must-haves for pushing sneaker swoosh culture forward. Here are some of the reimaginations of the icon:

The “Shattered Swoosh”

shattered swoosh

”Shattered Swoosh Air Force 1” by CloutCvlture ($180)

Customizer CloutCvlture dissects the classic swoosh with a simple but innovative recreation, emphasizing the symbol on this pair of custom Air Force Ones. Starting with the sun-white Air Force Ones, over the white leather sits a beautifully-vibrant orange swoosh, torn in half, fragments included.

These broken swoosh patterns decorate the lateral side of both the left and right shoe, and are accompanied by the carefully-painted Nike “AIR” that sits on the rubber midsole. The orange of the two elements has a visual pop with a strong contrast to the shoe’s classic whites.

This is a dastardly clean, cheeky, cartoonish remake of Nike’s finest. The small change to the shoe gives it a personality and youthful energy ready to turn heads.

CloutCvlture also has Air Force One custom sneakers with shattered black, blue, and lightning-including swooshes, definitely worth a look.

The “Destroyed Swoosh”

Destroyed Swoosh

”AF1 destroyed swooshes” by TA Customs ($192)

If Cloutcvlture imagined a TNT-explosion, TA Customs destroys the swoosh with a sushi roll-style segmented cut. With Nike’s finest, they instead divide the swoosh artfully onto the shoe, adding a flair of color. The swoosh, cut into six small pieces, are each carefully painted a different color.

As with Cloutcvlture’s design, the custom Air Force One is the custom of choice for this reimagined Nike swoosh.

With “ART” in large print under the swoosh, and SHOELACES adorning the custom shoelaces included with the shoe, this creatively-colorful reimagining of the swoosh, integrating Off-White elements, custom shoelaces, careful paint and knife work make up an Air Force One sneaker that ‘destroys’ the swoosh in a fantastic way.

destroyed swoosh black

“AF1 destroyed swooshes (black)” by TA Customs ($192)

Wishing for something with less pop? TA Customs also has alternate designs of their segmented swoosh, such as premium, clean black and white designs such as this one.

The Burned Swoosh

burned swoosh

“Flame” Air Force One by Greggoya ($210)

“Don’t play with matches!” is one of the first lessons most children get. Italy-based customizer Greggoya must have missed that parental adage. In this take on breaking the swoosh, Greggoya makes smores out of the marshmellow-white Nike swoosh that lines the middle of the iconic classic.

The design is astonishing for the contrast of the smartly-abused swoosh and the ever-clean white custom Nike Air Force One which houses the swoosh. Simply known as “flame”, both to its status and its medium, Greggoya creates a dynamic, inspired custom sneaker that is truly a unique creation for its unpredictable use of flame.

To accentuate the burning aspect of the swoosh, Greggoya adds warm reds and oranges that create an illusion of a still-burning fire. The “Flame” Air Force Ones combine clean lines and soft whites of the sneaker with the fiery heart of the ever-burning swoosh.

Final Thoughts

Ready for wear, the broken swoosh is here to stay, and we look forward to seeing ever creativity from The Custom Movement community.

Breaking things is what artists do, and we are excited to see what wild, revolutionary creations are upcoming for 2020!

Are you feeling these broken swoosh designs? Keep a look out for part 2 of Customizer’s creations, and DM me @Colsai on IG about anything sneakers!

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