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The Custom Movement’s Custom Sneaker Fits of Spring

In this new installment of style and fashion, The Custom Movement brings you its favorite spring outfits on Instagram paired with custom sneakers.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Mar 21
The Custom Movement’s Custom Sneaker Fits of Spring

Welcome to Spring style!

Though a lot of us are limited in our travels outside the home, these intrepid social media stars have found the time and energy to continue to represent their fashion sense.

In this article from The Custom Movement, we bring you five recent favorites of Instagrammers that feature custom sneakers in their fit. In no particular order:

5. Charly Jordan with Teal Air Force 1s (@Charlyjordan @Dripcreationz)

charly jordan

With pastel and cerulean blues being a central color of her outfit, well-known and hyper-popular Instagrammer and social media influencer Charly Jordan features her custom blue and white Air Force 1s by Dripcreationz. The detailing of Dripcreationz work on the Air Force 1 swoosh and toe box really pop in the sunlight. Along with her black yoga pants, Charly’s athleisure outfit is a minimalistic, yet vibrant and colorful combination of athleisure wear, perfect for early Spring.

  1. Andre Becker with black custom Vans (@a.becker27)

Andre Becker

Germany-based Andre Becker takes the classic-cool color combination of black solids and jeans with this fit. The black and white lettered baseball cap combines perfectly with his custom Vans sneakers sporting the same color scheme. Becker’s torn and distressed blue jeans and black long sleeve combine for a fit that is streetwear approved, and excellently complemented by the long necklace over the black shirt.

  1. YUYA with Splattered Nike More Uptempo (@yy_syokora228)


Japanese street fashion and sneaker Instagrammer YUYA brings together a dark ensemble of Off-White streetwear, with hoodie and pants, mixed with the beautiful pop of his custom Nike Air More Uptempo, which are liberally splattered in blues, reds, and blacks. This fit wholly accentuates the custom sneaker’s whites and and the liberally-added multicolor paintwork for a restrained, yet colorful combination of hype.

  1. Mariana Morais with Butterfly Air Force 1s (@Maarebeaar @Majorwavezz)

Mariana Morais

Instagram fashion Influencer and icon Mariana Morais combines her fashion senses with powerhouse customizer and designer Junior Major (@Majorwavezz) for this fresh Spring/Summer fit. The summer blue butterfly designs on her custom Air Force 1s sit under Mariana’s sushi-patterned white socks. With gray shorts and a close-fitting patterned white shirt, Mariana’s ensemble has a light, airy, youthful feel. A short necklace rounds her look out. One glance at Mariana’s outfit and hopeful thoughts immediately run towards the beach, blue waves, and warmer weather.

  1. Malo with Gold/Green AF1 (@Malolo.81)


With a broad mixture of colors and style, Japanese Instagrammer Malo brings her stylistic ‘A’ game with a beige North Face hoodie and black North Face bag, patterned blue and white long skirt, gold watch, and a pair of beige, gold, black, and green custom painted Air Force 1s. These beautiful, high-fashion patterned Air Force 1 customs are excellently detailed, with beautiful gold aglets adding subtle shine. Part outdoorsy, part classy, and part vintage, this classic color combination brings together unique colors and fashion flavors.

As always, keep your eyes out for upcoming articles about custom sneaker fashion and outfits in next month’s installment on The Custom Movement!

Wishing our wonderful community the best of health in this troubling time. Stay happy, stay healthy, stay hopeful.

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