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Custom Nike Cortez of the Week: “Fruit Loops Cortez”

The Fruit Loops Cortez by Visionary Kustoms is a delicious part of a custom sneaker enthusiast's breakfast.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Aug 19
Custom Nike Cortez of the Week: “Fruit Loops Cortez”

Remember Saturday Morning Cartoons?

As a kid, Saturday mornings always began the same way: rushing down the stairs, and excitedly turning on the TV before my family woke up. And as soon as the first cut to commericals, what better way to pair Pokemon, Recess, or Hey Arnold! than with than a delicious bowl of breakfast goodness?

Back then, more often than not, my go-to sugary cereal was a bowl of fruit loops, with their delicious flavor and tropical colors.

Artist Visionary Kustoms brings back those wonderful memories with their Fruit Loops Cortez customs, drawing back all the memories of happy childhood and the wonderful sugar highs of weekends past. Their Fruit Loops Cortez ($210) sneaker is the perfect way to return to the past.


About the Shoe

Taking a page out of a different book, Visionary Kustoms chose the Nike Cortez, a classic and trailblazing running shoe. The Cortez is a shoe that has had an influence spanning decades of sneaker culture.

Popular worldwide, the Cortez was Nike's original track sneaker. It has become a timeless shoe, and a perfect canvas for custom sneaker art.

Visionary Kustoms brings their cereal homage to the Cortez's canvas by adding a colorful splash of Fruit Loops-colored paints to the sneaker. Angelus-brand pink, blue, teal, red, and yellow paints find a home all across the sneaker. The tropical coloring and circular paint patterns along the uppers evoke memories of the Fruit Loops cereals that the sneaker design was named for. Leaving the midsole and swoosh in white and black colors keeps the Fruit Loops design looking clean and fresh, further drawing the eye to the exceptional paints.

With Visionary Kustoms' smart shoe choice, along with masterful paintwork, the Fruit Loops custom sneaker is a design ready for consumption, and perfect sneaker in The Custom Movement's expansive collection of unique sneaker creations.


About the Artist

Visionary Kustoms is a Louisiana-based shoe customizer and artist with a range of colorful and creative sneaker designs. Their motto is, "Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others", and by their design creativity, they clearly think outside the box.

Averaging a stellar 5-star rating, you can bet that they will deliver on a pair top-quality custom sneakers. Check out Visionary Kustoms on TCM, as well as their videos on Behind The Scenes.

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