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Custom Air Force One of the Week: "Split Tan Air Force 1's"

Minimalist, ultra-clean design meets the split and separated Swoosh with this week’s custom air force one of the week: “Split Tan Air Force 1’s” by Hargitaycustoms.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Feb 10
Custom Air Force One of the Week: "Split Tan Air Force 1's"

Split Tan Air Force 1's by Hargitaycustoms ($180)

Custom-split Class with this week’s “Split Tan Air Force One”

The Air Force One is a beautiful sneaker that has made it the common choice of sneaker customizers. This street classic integrated smooth, clean lines, quality grain leathers, and a durable, sturdy basketball sole.

LA-based Hargitaycustoms keeps the essence of the Air Force’s clean design in his “Split Tan Air Force 1’s”, this week’s custom Air Force One of the week. With a sophisticated, dual-tone palette and smart use of color-blocking, the Air Force One Low “Split Tan” is one of the cleanest, classiest custom sneaker designs of recent memory, a welcome and respected addition to the growing lineup here at The Custom Movement.

Hargitaycustoms made a smart design choice with his choice of modifying the Air Force One Premium “Split White Tan”. Nike’s original creation utilized a soft, brown paint on top of the classic whites. From the side of the toe box to the back heel tab, the shoes were created in two distinct tones: Air Force whites and a caramel-colored tan brown. Along with the quality grain leathers and crisp whites of the original Air Force One low, the color combination is an amazing marriage of color.

split tan custom air force one

Where Hargitaycustoms comes in is his added spin on the shoe with a creative revamping of the Nike Swoosh designs on each shoe. The brown medial side’s swoosh is cut into five distinct pieces, then artfully resewn back onto the Air Force One’s leather upper. On the white, lateral side, the Nike swoosh is reversed and re-sewn, reminiscent of the Travis Scott Air Force Ones, as well as some of the designs of recent customizer artists at The Custom Movement.

in box picture custom air force one

As a result, these “Split Tan Air Force One” custom sneakers are a wholly new, artistic creation. The “Split Tan Air Force One” customs are a pair of sneakers that are ready for any occasion, cool enough for wearing out but classy enough to feel appropriate. When you want to be comfortably cool and representing The Custom Movement art in high class, think “Split Tan”.

About Hargitaycustoms

Hargitaycustoms is a California-based customizer who specializes in multimedia but has particular focus on adhesives, such as 3M. Check out his design process and beautiful work under his Behind The Scenes section on The Custom Movement.

With durable paints, a strong artist, and our buyer protection guarantee at the Custom Movement, you can shop with confidence. Your dream shoes are ready, waiting, and guaranteed to be awesome.

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