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Custom Air Force One of the Week: “Sunset AF1”

Feel the yellows, reds, and changing colors of a cool, California dusk with this Custom Air Force One “Sunset”.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Jan 13
Custom Air Force One of the Week: “Sunset AF1”


Sometimes, it’s easy to take simple things for granted. Family, friends, Mondays. Nature.

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With this week’s custom Air Force One, the Sunset AF1s by Kaycee.Customs ($180) we bring you a sneaker made in the essence of remembering and reminding us of the vibrant sunsets that are so easy to be forgotten.

With the leather canvas much preferred by a large staple of customizers, Kaycee.Customs transforms the white Air Force One lows with an intricate paint job. Paying attention to smart color blocking, Kaycee.Customs paints the pair of sneakers the cloudy yellows and a dreamy pink sky above.

Choosing the flat portions of the shoe, and leaving the swoosh, side panels, and midsole clean and untouched, the AF1 “sunset” is a smart combination of the traditional, and the artistic. The art of the shoe is unquestionably beautiful. The sunset sky is painted on the side of the shoe from the heel to the toe tip. The melancholic scene washes alongside the parts of the shoe, a marvelous depiction of the California sunsets so important to Kaycee.Customs’ daily grind.

Fittingly dubbed the “Air Force One - Sunset”, Kaycee.Customs uses otherworldly, soft pastel tones of the sneakers that feels nostalgic and meaningful - a sneaker with a story to tell. Inspired by everyday beauty of watching sunsets in Redlands, Kaycee.Customs brings us a unique sneaker creation and story. The sneakers, painted with high-quality, durable Angelus paints, are a custom painting of that short, quiet moment before the night.

In the words of writer Jo Walton “There's a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they're absolutely free. Don't miss so many of them.

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Sunset AF1s by Kaycee.Customs ($180)

A California-based artist, Kaycee.Customs has has a variety of colorful, creative designs, from the super-clean Lavender AF1s to the spring-ready, pink and teal Vans Cherry Blossoms. Get your California cool on here at The Custom Movement, or visit their instagram at Kaycee.custom on IG.

Want to show some love for a future sneaker of the week? DM me @Colsai on IG with your love and ideas!

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