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Custom Air Force 1 of the Week: "Strange Galaxy AF1"

Peek into the wonders of the unknown galaxy with this week’s “Strange Galaxy AF1” by Restorationplug.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Mar 1
Custom Air Force 1 of the Week: "Strange Galaxy AF1"

A Sneaker With Half-Hidden Galactic Beauty

This week’s Custom Air Force 1 of the week features UK customizer Restorationplug, with their evocative “Strange Galaxy AF1” ($275).

Reminiscent of Ronncustomz1’s Air Max 1 Cosmos, with its choice of space influences, Restorationplug’s cosmic custom captures a different take of our galaxy, a dark, mysterious void at the heart of this custom classic.

Creating with the customizer’s choice shoe- the Air Force 1, Restorationplug modifies and reinvents the iconic white sneaker. With careful attention to removal, thread and stitchwork, Restorationplug removes and lowers the ubiquitous Nike swoosh that runs over the upper. Carefully dropping it’s positioning, Restorationplug adjusts it to sit and brush gently over the midsole.

This design feature accompanies the primary focus of this Air Force 1 custom. With midnight black and vivid purple paints at the ready, Restorationplug paints a galactic shadow highlighting the original positioning of the swoosh. Painting this strange, galactic eye in great detail, Restorationplug outlines the constellational chasm, with fissures and cracks expanding in all directions across the upper. In strange and mysterious form, the deep-universe design of the ‘Strange Galaxy AF1’ will resonate with any space-lover or those who dream for exploring beyond the stars.

Restorationplug ensures a quality, long-lasting work, completing the Strange Galaxy AF1 with a treatment of clear-coat sealer to protect their beautiful, premium paint work. Step into another Universe with the “Strange Galaxy AF1”, a pair of custom sneakers that fit perfectly into The Custom Movement’s catalogue of revolutionary artwork.

And with any work from our retainer of elite customizers, you are doubly protected by The Custom Movement’s buyer protection, guaranteeing that you will get your sneaker on-time and in perfect condition.

custom air force one strange galaxy

About the Artist

UK-based Restorationplug specializes in a multitude of sneaker services- cleaning, restoration, and custom services.

With works that feature reinvented Air Force 1s, beautiful butterfly Vans, dynamic lightning Air Force 1s, custom call-out collaborations, and a mixture of unique tributes to popular media, Restorationplug has a shoe ready and waiting for you.

Check out Restorationplgs’ wonderful work on their Behind the Scenes page!

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