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Custom Air Force 1 of the Week: "Sage Cherry Blossom Black"

In chunky sneaker fashion, sneaker customizer Customs By Hannah delights us with a clean & fresh floral design for Spring/Summer 2020.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Apr 19
Custom Air Force 1 of the Week: "Sage Cherry Blossom Black"

Reimagining a customizer’s icon with beautiful floral art

This week, we spotlight Customs By Hannah’s stylish Air Force 1 Sage: Cherry Blossom Black ($219). This beautiful custom sneaker is created by customizer Customs By Hannah, who features a number of beautiful monochromatic paint designs on the sneakers she customizes.

With a combination of a modern Air Force 1 silhouette, combined with the delicate intricacies of Customs By Hannah’s precision paint job, we have a cute, clean, yet quietly-daring custom sneaker.

custom air force one

About the Sneaker

At quick glance, the “Sage Cherry Blossom Black” may appear as an unassuming white Air Force 1. However, these custom sneakers beg closer inspection, and upon a more curious view, the brilliance of this sneaker design stands out with two outstanding design choices.

First, Customs By Hannah did not choose the original Air Force 1 sneaker. Instead, she chose the Air Force 1 Sage, a modern re-imagining of the classic. The coveted Nike Air Force 1 Sage low is a sneaker connecting the AF1’s past and present. The Sage, with upscaled, premium leathers and materials, updates the sneaker with subtle design modifications. These updates include small changes, from the silver badge collecting the laces, as well as small markings on the heel tab, and an adjustment of the sneaker’s elements. Most prominently, the midsole is enlarged, giving the shoe a bulkier look. In an environment where chunky soles and midsoles have found growing popularity for their style, the Sage low’s larger midsole fits perfectly.

custom air force one

The second addition by Customs By Hannah is her own brush. “The Sage Cherry Blossom Black” custom sneaker is graced by her careful painting of both shoes into a monochromatic Cherry Blossom spring. Paintwork of this quality deserves an attentive eye. Painted along the uppers, each detailed Cherry Blossom flower and stretching branch are carefully detailed, stretching ever-so-gracefully around the middle line of both the lateral and medial sides of the upper on both shoes.

In the spirit of the ephemeral, fleeting nature of the Cherry Blossom trees themselves, Customs By Hannah does not overdo her design or break the clean balance of the base sneaker. Instead, she enhances it with cuteness, flair, and style. And, as an artist who uses premium Angelus paints, you can bet that the artwork from brush will be perfect and lasting, just like any Air Force 1.

With her excellent choices, and striking a smart design balance for a custom sneaker, Customs By Hannah creates a clean spring and summer sneaker design that is low key fire, and can be paired with just about anything.

About the Artist

German-based Customs By Hannah features a number of Air Force 1 designs that exhibit the same kind of restrained, elegant aesthetic of the Sage Cherry Blossom. Her AF1 New York wonderfully captures the New York skyline along the uppers.

An artist of detail, quality, and clean style, Customs By Hannah is a fantastic artist that deserves your attention here at The Custom Movement. Support her work, and make requests for other custom work through her artist page.

You can check out Customs By Hannah’s sneaker artwork on TCM, as well as her Instagram page @customs.byhannah.

Stay safe, stay hopeful out there!

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