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Custom Air Force One of the Week: “Metallic Gold Suns and Stars AF1 with Baby Blue Swooshes”

Wake up to the smiling sun with this pair of custom Air Force One (Jester) sneakers by Erinpalmdesign, styled with the energy of the morning sun.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Jan 20
Custom Air Force One of the Week: “Metallic Gold Suns and Stars AF1 with Baby Blue Swooshes”

Rise and shine with this week’s custom Air Force One!

This week, we present to you the “Metallic Gold Suns and Stars AF1 with Baby Blue Swooshes” ($190) by Erinpalmdesign. With last week’s custom Air Force One featuring the dusky skies before night, this week’s custom sneaker displays the joy of a fresh morning. No, not the dreaded Monday mornings we spent half our Sundays hating. Those Saturday mornings where we wake up early, and everything seems just about perfect.

Customizer Erinpalmdesign chooses a cheeky sneaker template: not the typical Air Force One low, but instead the Air Force One- Jester. Released in 2019, in exclusively-women’s sizes, the Jester was a re-imagination of the classic Air Force One, remaking a creative, mischievous take on the icon sneaker.

The swoosh was dropped to sit on the midsole, the lines and perforations of the shoes left, the back heel tab dropped, with its tags sitting barely above the ground, flopping at the heel. Kept were the quality ingredients that make an Air Force One a true classic- the clean design, soft, tumbled white leather, and the general shape and size of the shoe.

With the fanciful design in-hand, Erinpalmdesign paints a smiling, sleepy sun in the middle of the shoe, above a hand-painted, baby blue Nike Swoosh. Additionally, along the shoe, golden stars are painted over the sun and swoosh, giving the shoe a soft, happy feel. With each element requiring careful detail, Erinpalmdesign carefully and expertly paints these elements onto the soft white leather of the sneaker.It’s a marvel to watch their work, as well.

These elements of her Air Force One design are motifs in many of her other designs; the sun in particular shows itself on some of her other work. Additionally, all of the work utilizes the all-important, high quality Angelus paints required of any customizer.

As a whole, these customs radiate a clean, calm, joyous feel. This pair of Air Force One customs simply wants to smile and welcome the morning. A work that integrates a great sneaker choice and beautiful and creative paint work and design make this a great cop, and worthy of being this week’s Air Force One of the week.

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About the Artist

A Philadelphia art student versed in far more than only custom sneakers, Erinpalmdesign has a verifiable catalogue of great designs, creative works, and wardrobe of clothing, which you can always check out here at The Custom Movement!

Check out their work on their behind the scenes page as well, or check out their other sneakers on their artist page!

Want to show some love for a future sneaker of the week? DM me @Colsai on IG with your love and ideas!

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