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Custom Air Force One of the Week: "Cosmos” AF1

Searching for karma in the constellations with these otherworldly Air Force One “Cosmos” custom sneakers by Ronncustomz1.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Jan 30
Custom Air Force One of the Week: "Cosmos” AF1

This week’s design is a nod at perspective. To consider life in a different way, this week we present to you the “Cosmos” Air Force One customs, with their wide-expanse, universe design. Michigan-based Ronncustomz1 presents a vision of our known universe that displays the larger forces around us; making us reflect and think about the world.


Custom "Cosmos" AF1s ($240)

If the cosmos is the universe, well-ordered and understood, Ronncustomz1 shows us its beauty with his paintbrush and Angelus paints. With Tiffany blues, Neon pinks, and a veritable paint cabinet of other colors, Ronncustomz1 brings out the beauty of the stars, energies, and planets that surround ourselves.

Integrating quiet designs- webs, and lattices, contrasted with the thundering energy of loud neon lightning bolts, Ronncustomz1’s design is brilliantly busy, eclectic and highly unique. From the midsole all the way over the tongue, across the heel tab, and along the toebox, the cosmos is spread evenly over these Air Force ones.

Bringing the design together are the vibrantly-neon Nike swoosh, each a different color, and black laces over the artwork. The beauty, detailing, and intricacy of the Air Force One design results in a definite burst of celestial majesty for your daily grind.

Due to the difficulty and highly-customized nature of the shoe, Ronncustomz1 spends about 3-4 weeks of prep time, however, The Custom Movement includes a buyer protection policy ensuring that you will get your shoes on-time. Check out Ronncustomz1’s other work, their behind the scenes videos and media and their instagram @Ronncustomz1.

In the words of Ronncustomz1, "The Cosmos Is Within Us Today & Forever”.

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