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Custom Air Force 1 of the Week: "Cherry Blossom"

Painting the cherry blossoms of a Korean spring, customizer LenaaArts brings The Custom Movement an Air Force 1 complete with flower appeal and spring feels.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Feb 21
Custom Air Force 1 of the Week: "Cherry Blossom"

Cherry Blossom Air Force 1’s- With A Twist

In this week’s custom Air Force 1 sneaker of the week, The Custom Movement features a whimsical creation, the Air Force 1 “Cherry Blossom” ($230) by LenaaArts that brings two fresh ideas to the sneaker game.

First, customizer LenaaArts chooses a chunky sneaker variant of the Air Force 1 as a template for her spring classics - the Air Force 1 “Shadow”. A unique variant of the classic Air Force 1, this Air Force 1 has a fatter midsole, elevated above the original. These Air Force 1s also feature double “AIR”, with a playful double-branding of classic that lines the back of the midsole, and a swoosh that sits over it’s shadow (with a double swoosh pattern). This 2019 variant of the Air Force 1 is a genius move for a design that is nostalgic, yet fresh and modern.

custom air force one cherry blossom

Adding to her choice of sneaker, LenaaArts adds a great deal with the sublime quality of her talents in paints. With careful brush-to-sneaker care, she paints the branches of a cherry blossom tree - branches and flowers, along these Air Force 1s.

Her paint work begins at the medial side of each sneaker, graces the back, sitting just above the second “AIR” logoing, and continues to the lateral side, painting swoosh to opposite swoosh. The stunning attention to detail of her work instantly evokes the beautiful, blooming Sakura trees along Tokyo’s streets. Adding a pop of Korean creativity in front, she adds a bit of Korean flavor with Hangul. Personalization and requests can be directed to LenaaArts for further customization.

These Air Force 1s are a perfect fit for The Custom Movement, combining an evocative sneaker choice with brilliant design. The creative combination of the Air Force 1 “Shadow” canvas and LenaaArts’ quality of work calls for your attention. With early cherry blossoms already blooming around Asia, spring is coming. And like the ephemeral nature of Cherry blossoms, don’t sleep on these forces- get them before they’re gone.

About the Artist

An sneaker customizer in The Custom Movement family who is an exceptional painter, LenaArts shows off her range of skill and appeal with many beautiful floral designs.

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