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Custom Air Force 1 of the Week: “Candy Paint”

Air Force 1 meets dip dye perfection with the sweet story of Lorenz.og’s “Candy Paint” Air Force 1 sneaker.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Jun 2
 Custom Air Force 1 of the Week:  “Candy Paint”

The Beauty of Dip Dye

At The Custom Movement, our sneaker customization artists utilize a variety of different mediums to create their unique designs. This week, we feature the work of Lorenz.og, who creates shoes with dip dye, and feature their visually stunning “Candy Paint” ($200) sneakers.

Dip dye is the method of choice for Lorenz.og. It is a process where the artist carefully uses vats of special dyes to beautifully coat large parts of a sneaker. The dip dye process results in one-of-a-kind shoe designs that, like tie dye, are never exactly the same, and Lorenz.og perfectly incorporates this shoe coloration technique.


About the Sneaker

Lorenz.og’s “Candy Paint” shoes begin with the classic Air Force 1 design. Nike’s original basketball sneaker, the updated white Air Force 1 is a perfect summer shoe, as well as a staple of customization culture. With its durable sole, supple and breathable leather uppers, and clean style, it is a ready canvas for Lorenz.og’s dye processes.

With a triple-dye combination of two pinks and baby blues, Lorenz.og fully dyes the Air Force 1 “Candy Paint” in a sweet, pastel pink. The laces are colored in a soft blue hue, and the lace tips are again painted in an eye-catching pink. The colors flow all throughout the sneaker, too, from the leather, to the collar and shoe padding inside.

custom shoe

Lorenz.og’s shoe design results in a strikingly clean colorway perfectly captured by the “Candy Paint” name. The color combination evokes thoughts of bubble gum and pastel lollipops, a sugary-sweet combination of candy colors.

The pink and blue pop of pastel colors are also perfect for the ocean boardwalk, summer fun, or anytime out in the sun. Ready to turn heads, these ready-to-wear custom Air Force 1 sneakers will fit perfectly into any custom sneaker completionist’s collection, and a perfect shoe to pair with some custom socks.

About the Artist

Custom sneakers should be unique; they are created with the original ideas of true artists. Fittingly, Lorenz.og calls their work “Authentic Storytelling”, painting stories with beautiful dyes. The shoes that Lorenz.og creates all feature the soft, clean aesthetic of dye pastels and subtle, yet otherworldly colors. Engaging and beautiful stories as designs.

A growing artist, Lorenz.og has already scored a number of positive reviews from sneaker and shoe enthusiasts who have patronized their work. Check out their sneaker catalogue at The Custom Movement. Lorenz.og’s Behind The Scenes page is definitely worth a look, with videos showing their hand dye process.

Feel good about supporting independent artists at TCM, and know that you’re always backed by The Custom Movement’s Buyer Protection policy! If the shoes don’t ship, you are covered.

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