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Custom Air Force One of the Week: "Color Block"

As if out of a colorful comic book, these dynamic, custom Air Force One sneakers by Vitathebrand bring a flair for the fantastic.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Feb 13
Custom Air Force One of the Week: "Color Block"

Air Force One - “Color Block” by Vitathebrand ($160) ($149)

Cop your Cartoon-Crazy Color Block classics with this week’s sneaker

Have you heard of 2D cafes? They’re a new brand of cafe style in Japan and South Korea where the decor appears completely 2-dimensional, as if out of a comic book. Recently, style-forward designs have pushed a cartoon-themed aesthetic in backpacks and handbags as well, mirroring the 2D appearances of cartoons and anime.

This week we feature a pair of shoes that would be perfectly at home in a 2D world, Vitathebrand’s Air Force One- “Color Block” custom sneaker. Utilizing the Air Force One low as a starting point, Vitathebrand paints bold black lines that outline the shoe, running over and detailing the toe box, eyelets, midsole, and even tracing over the laces.

Painted with top-quality Angelus-brand paints, and true to the name “color block”, Vitathebrand paints a soft blue, a hue reminiscent of crayon coloration, on the leather outside of the toe box area. On the eyelet areas, Vitathebrand paints with a soft, banana-yellow, adding small black accents to emphasize the cartoon quality of the custom sneaker. The Nike swoosh, mainstay of all Air Force Ones, is painted in an accented apple-red, with action lines around it, adding a dynamic flair around the swoosh.

custom air force one

Lastly, a grassy-green paint accents the leather heel tab at the back of the Air Force One. All around the shoe are the various black design accents that give a flowing, energetic and youthful appeal of Vitathebrand’s custom sneaker.

Though a wide palette and variety of design and paint techniques are used by Vitathebrand, this is undoubtedly a clean, unique blend of color, leather, and sneaker. Shoes like this are what custom sneakers are about- custom designs with awesome ideas and amazing, made-to-order dedication to detail and quality.

custom air force one

If you love the idea but want a palette swap, Vitathebrand has some tropical starburst-flavored Air Force One “Tropical Color Blocked” ($129). And if you have any doubts, you can always be sure that your custom order will find its way to your doorstep with The Custom Movement’s Buyer Protection Insurance, too. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

About the Artist

A Colorado-based artist, Vitathebrand specializes in beautiful, colorful paintwork with their assortment of custom sneakers. Imagining sneakers with full floral patterns, Pokemon patterns, Billie Eilish and Kanye West graphics, and other far-ranging influences, Vitathebrand has an amazing selection of custom sneaker designs and artwork for just about everyone. Their work is well-received and reviewed, too. Vitathebrand’s motto is “Quality customs for quality humans.” We couldn’t agree more.

Support their wonderful work here at The Custom Movement and check out their Behind the Scenes and Instagram @vitathebrand for more pictures, details, and information.

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