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Custom Air Force 1 of the Week: "Scratch Paints"

Smile in spring colors with the “Scratch Paints” Air Force 1 custom sneaker from customizer drshoes.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Mar 31
Custom Air Force 1 of the Week: "Scratch Paints"

Surprise! It’s already spring!

If you’re feeling what I am, you need a reminder that it is actually spring. With widespread events being canceled (including a lot of spring festivals), it's difficult to find reasons to go outside. But, the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping.

This week’s “Scratch Paints” Air Force 1 ($199) from customizer drshoes is a colorfully-crafted custom Air Force 1 sneaker, primed for celebrating the birth of spring, the rebirth of life and nature around, and the renewal of all things.

custom air force 1 spring

About the Sneaker

Painting over the spring/summer classic Air Force 1 low, drshoes picks a shoe that shines a near-reflective white under direct sunlight. With the quality leather and durability, the Air Force 1s are the perfect spring and summer sneaker canvas.

Drshoes begins their work with a confetti-colored splash of splattered teals, oranges, purples, and pinks. With their design, they create a sense of colorful chaos on the uppers of the shoe. Extending through the entire upper of both the left and right shoe, drshoes liberally and expressively paints this colorful combination. Complementing this work is drshoes’ outlining of the Air Force 1’s lines, carefully and smartly accented in black.

Equally expressive and noisy is the Nike swoosh, which is artfully created as a focal point of the sneaker. Highlighted in black, and uniquely scribbled upon, the swoosh echoes a sense of cartoon freedom on the Air Force 1 sneaker’s uppers.

With the laces and midsole left intact, the combination and color blocking of precise paintwork, outlining, along with the snow-white color of the base shoe combine for a pristine, spring sneaker creation.

With an attention to quality, drshoes uses iconic American Angelus paints, professional grade leather paints, as well as a satin leather finisher to ensure lasting sneaker protection from the elements.

These Air Force 1 “Scratch Paints” sneakers, drshoes emphasizes a fun sense of deconstruction and summery-youthful vibes.

custom air force 1

About the Artist

Poland-based customizer drshoes sell a line of chromatically-crafted premium custom sneakers. With a fresh take on iconic cartoons and classic brands, you can bet on finding a sneaker that you love. Vans, Air Force 1s, Stan Smiths, and Superstars are all featured sneakers for the custom sneaker completionist, too.

You can check out their work - their artist page on The Custom Movement or behind the scenes.

Despite the craziness around us, know that you’re always backed by The Custom Movement’s Buyer Protection policy: if the shoes don’t ship, you are covered.

Wishing all of you the best of health and safety in this changing time.

As always, catch updates to custom sneaker info on The Custom Movement- Articles, and DM me @Colsai on IG with requests, ideas and feedback.

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