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Custom Air Force 1 of the Week: “AF1 Aquamarine Galaxy”

Escape the Earth with the AF1 Aquamarine Galaxy by Dami Art.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Aug 9
Custom Air Force 1 of the Week:  “AF1 Aquamarine Galaxy”

Play Among the Stars With This Celestial Shoe

For many stargazers, summer’s warmth means a comfortable return to starry-skied nights. But what happens when you are stuck inside?

With this week’s Air Force 1 Custom of the Week, artist Dami Art brings The Custom Movement the AF1 Aquamarine Galaxy ($195) , a custom shoe that brings the night sky back to you, wherever you are.

Night Sky

About the Sneaker

Starting with the iconic white Air Force 1s, Dami Art uses a choice sneaker for her starry-eyed palette. This classic pair of Air Force 1s provides a sturdy, clean canvas perfect for spring and summer months.

Brush in-hand, Dami Art adds her otherworldly creative spark to the Air Force 1’s full-grain leather. Painting from the heel tab, classic swoosh to laces area, but leaving the other parts untouched, the painted galaxy areas truly pop on the premium leathers.


Upon closer inspection, these are exquisitely-detailed sneakers. In a mixture of night sky and aquamarine blues, Dami Art’s premium Angelus paints truly paint a midnight story. Complementing the design with the twinkling of the night sky, Dami Art paints the joy of staring towards the heavens.

Imaginations of other worlds and space adventures are perfectly captured in this pair of custom Air Force 1s. Simply, the end result is a stunning shoe, a spectacular piece of wearable art, and perfect fit into the ever-expanding catalogue at The Custom Movement.

About the Artist

An Albanian custom artist based in Italy, Dami Art brings her beautiful technique and stellar creativity to custom sneakers at The Custom Movement.

Her positive reviews speak to her excellence as well: SEBAES00 raves that Dami Art’s “AF 1 Neon Glitch” are the “Best AF1 Design I’ve ever purchased.” “Just Love Them”, says another fan.

With a growing following and stellar reviews, Dami_Art proves the importance of detailed work, ready-and-prompt delivery, and amazing professionalism as a top sneaker talent.

Check out her other shoes at her The Custom Movement artist page, as well as her Instagram @dami_customs.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer beach months! Keep sending me feedback and requests! Catch updates to all your favorite custom sneaker releases on The Custom Movement- Articles, and DM me @Colsai on IG with requests, ideas and feedback.

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