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Featured Black Friday Deal: Air Force 1 Carnation

Break through the winter blues with a beautiful, hand-sewn sneaker that sings a floral song. Best of all, at The Custom Movement, these sneakers are on sale for Black Friday!
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Nov 28
Featured Black Friday Deal: Air Force 1 Carnation

Thank goodness for vacations. Breaking the doldrums and freeze of the winters here in the US, we thankfully are given two big winter holidays, one at the end of November, and one at the end of December. But with the winter holidays also comes the need to start thinking about the gift-giving holidays, and things to purchase, both for your friends and for yourself. With Black Friday fast approaching, we at The Custom Movement highlight great gift ideas currently on sale!


Air Force 1 Carnation Bold White or ($175 normally $210)

While we love custom paint (especially Angelus paint), there is something unique and special about stitch work on sneaker designs. With a beautiful, hand-sewn overlay on the most classic of sneakers, New Delhi-based customizer Courtside brings us a special pair of floral forces with their customizing skills.

In the language of flowers, red carnations represent admiration, love, and pride. With a verified bouquet of carnations, Courtside’s design integrates a beautiful, detailed, and passionate floral patch that extends from the heel tab all the way to the toe box.


Courtside prides their shoes as being “Made With Love”. It shows; the huge patchwork, which extends on the lateral side of both the right and left shoe, is exquisite. They are amazingly detailed, challenging the painting skills of any of the painted-floral sneaker equivalents. With a loving attention to detail, Courtside brings a timeless, classy design that fits perfectly on the wintery-white canvas of the Air Force One. Additionally, they have two versions of this sneaker: subtle white and bold white, depending on your preference, which vary slightly in design.

Lastly, if you are worried about how stitching holds up compared to paint, Courtside promises that the patchwork is highly durable and will last. Especially important if you plan to give them to a certain someone.

Courtside also has some Air Force One Sketch Ups, a bold, outlined and highlighted design that integrates high quality paints and detail work, all of which are on sale for this Black Friday. Good luck on your hunt for Black Friday!

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