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TCM's Best of Black Friday: Custom Sneaker Deals and Sales

See the best of The Custom Movement's Black Friday sale with three top selections of custom sneaker deals for our once-a-year sale.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi ยท Nov 23
TCM's Best of Black Friday: Custom Sneaker Deals and Sales

Get Ready For Black Friday with Our Custom Clothing Sales!

The holidays can be a difficult time for shoppers. It can be hard to capture just what you feel about someone who means so much to you. At The Custom Movement, we think that every piece of clothing, every sneaker, and every accessory should be a custom work, because they truly are artistic works of care and emotion.

This year, we're celebrating the holidays with you by bringing you a special Black Friday and Holiday sale. Our most-talented artists and designers are here and ready to give you a wear-ready pair of custom sneakers, clothing, accessories, or jewelry that is the perfect, one-of-a-kind gift for that special someone, and a once-a-year price.

This week, we celebrate the best of the custom sneakers and shoes that you can find with TCM for Black Friday. Get ahead of your holiday shopping game with these three limited-time, discounted sneaker picks:

Nike AF1 "PLAY" Red Heart Floral by Suartmuseum

The Custom embroidery 'PLAY' Red Heart Floral Sneaker Nike Air Force 1 Low by Suartmuseum is vibrant, loving, clean, and beautiful sneaker for a special person in your life.

The clean and tasteful mashup of a red swoosh and custom-embroidered PLAY heart mashes up the clean aesthetic of Japanese street fashion with the personal, one-of-a-kind nature of a custom sneaker. These shoes can be personalized for anyone, with artist Suartmuseum providing personalization that can include both a name and sentence on an already-unique sneaker work.

New York-based Suartmuseum is a trained New York artist, designer, and illustrator with a full catalogue of beautiful work. Catch the current sale for their collection right now!

Nike AF1 "Heart Attack" by egoist.customx

True to its namesake, the Nike AF1 Heart Attack by egoist.customx is a beautiful and visceral piece of custom sneaker artwork.

With an aggressive-cool and heart-pounding painted design, customizer and artist Egoist.customx adorns the Nike swoosh with new, violent colors. A design that playfully shouts its name to the world, these adventurous Air Force 1s bring a uniquely-exciting vibe to a classic canvas and are perfect for that person in your life who wants to rock shoe artwork that no one has.

Malaysia-based artist Egoist.customx has an energetic, youthful aesthetic and catalogue of inspired by youth and pop culture, famous athletes and icons, and an adventurous brush that is worth taking a chance on.

Vans Old Skool "Arizona Custom" by Drshoes



Arizona tea is well-known as the maker of delicious and refreshing cans of tea found in every convenience store and grocery store in the US. To be honest, those delicious drinks are a favorite for us at The Custom Movement, and we can bet, a lot of you.

That same famous Arizona can, with its pink and teal color and gigantic 23(!) ounces of sweet green tea are the inspiration for these sneakers by Drshoes. Delicious, refreshing, and bold are great words for the tea, and they are also fitting for these beautiful Vans Old Skool "Arizona Custom" custom sneakers by Drshoes.

With a patient and detailed brush, Poland-based Drshoes paints the cherry blossom motif, coupled with the soft cerulean-teals, on the lateral side of each shoe. Cleanly-detailing the Vans sidestripe with those a color gradient transitioning between the two colors.

Nostalgic, bright, and exceptionally, clean, the "Arizona Custom" Vans Old Skool are a definite steal at this current sale price.

Happy holidays, and ever-wishing readers safety and good health.

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