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Air Jordan 1 Custom of the Week - "Oil Slick"

This week's Custom Sneaker of the Week is the Air Jordan 1 "Oil Slick" by Dami Art, which incorporates a beautiful chromatic range spanning the visible spectrum, along with an adventurous secret in their design.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi ยท Jan 11
Air Jordan 1 Custom of the Week - "Oil Slick"

Air Jordan 1 - "Oil Slick" by Dami_Art.

With the everyday gray skies of our winter months, we welcome any chance at adding color to our everyday lives. Especially when stuck inside, refreshing bursts of color and joy are always welcome to bring in the new year.

Welcoming us into 2021, this week's custom sneaker of the week features a Dami Art creation, with a brilliantly vivid custom sneaker creation, her Air Jordan 1 Low "Oil Slick (Currently Sold Out)".

About the Sneaker

To set the stage for her work, Dami Art chooses the venerable Air Jordan 1 Low. A sneaker with a long legacy, this clean and downsized silhouette of the Air Jordan 1 is the perfect sneaker for all seasons, and a welcome canvas for Dami Art's work.

Over the full-grain leather of the Jordan 1 sneaker, Dami Art brings a clever brush and painstaking detailing. With a bloom of colors spanning the full spectrum, and her exquisite brushwork, Dami Art fully paints over the Jordan 1 uppers in red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and purples.

The effect is unique- harkening the feel of a heat camera or oil slick, with its unique and colorful patterns along the leathers.


These custom Jordan 1 sneakers are a joyful shoe that brings mischievous adventure. During the day, Dami Art's wonderful custom sneakers are a joy to behold.

Still, the true secrets of the "Oil Slick" shoes are only apparent upon closer inspection. Dami Art's custom sneakers hold an exciting secret: both shoes also glow in the dark. Turn off the lights, and they shine in an everworldly-rainbow glow.


Dami Art's smart usage of multi-color luminous paint on the Air Jordan 1 uppers create a shoe design that is ready for nightlife and trips to the club (when we can finally go back).

Ready to turn heads at any time of day, Dami Art's ingenious usage of colorful, glow-in-the-dark paints on the Air Jordan 1 are truly a unique work of custom art.

For a sneaker that will draw the eye of passerby at any time of day, Dami Art's Air Jordan 1 "Oil Slick" are the perfect choice.


About the Artist

Italy-based artist Dami Art is a well-known and popular apparel and sneaker customizer here at TCM, and for good reason.

Her beautiful paint work has won the praise of satisfied customers, and she has been well-received by many happy new custom sneaker owners at The Custom Movement. With a varied catalogue, high attention to detail, and excellent communication, you can be sure to find a Dami Art custom work you will love.

Happy New Year! Apologies for the break in articles, we will be back with articles on a more-regular basis this year.

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