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5 Artists on YouTube Customizing Sneakers & More That You Should Be Following

The Custom Movement’s top picks for some of the best Youtube artists.
Scott Hirabayashi
Scott Hirabayashi · Mar 7
5 Artists on YouTube Customizing Sneakers & More That You Should Be Following

Our Picks For The Best Youtube Artists

Here at The Custom Movement, we love the work of our artists, but we also love the work of artists and customizers outside our walls. The popularity of the movement of custom sneakers and independent artwork is growing rapidly, with more and more talented artists.

This week, we want to share some of our favorites from some of the biggest and best names in the Youtube art and customizer community (in no particular order).

Here are the Youtube independent artists that we think really deserve your attention:

  1. ZHC


Teal-haired multimedia artist ZHC (Zach Hsieh), has been creating art content for years, with a moving, inspirational story about his growth as an artist.

ZHC’s art style is heavily cartoon-inspired, with work that includes some of the most beloved cartoon and video game characters. His channel includes a diverse inventory capturing of his customized artwork on unique canvases, from Apple Watches and iPhones, to cars and Teslas.

His videos feature both his own visceral, engaging artwork as well as his awesome contributions and connections within the art community around him. ZHC has hosted dream-making giveaways of a painted, customized Tesla to lucky friends within the community (a video that has over 5 million views) . Additionally, he includes drawing and painting tutorials for how to draw popular cartoon characters, as well as marathon art videos that truly impress, showing his dedication to his craft.

ZHC’s massive fanbase is a testament to his skill as both an artist and contributor to the larger art scene- check him out on youtube or IG @zhcomicart.

  1. Vexx


21-year-old transformatory artist Vexx creates videos of his work on a multitude of canvases and media. Vexx’s style combines a capturing of miniature cartoon creations with hyper-realistic art. Vexx’s drawings of hands, Pandas, even Diet Coke bottles jump out of the page.

Recently, Vexx’s work has made sneakers a canvas to his creativity. Like many artists on The Custom Movement, his first pair of custom shoes were the customizer's standard- snow-white Nike Air Force 1 lows. Watching Vexx’s brushwork is relaxing, yet engaging, as he slowly canvases his custom sneakers from retail to custom classics. Vexx has also created custom Yeezys, custom Vans, even custom Daniel Wellington watches, all capturing his unique style.

With other incredible videos - making street art in front of 10,000 people, or working for over 100 hours, Vexx’s work spans from small-scale artwork to his work as an evolving muralist. A dedicated artist through and through, Vexx is a growing force in the art scene that deserves the attention he has received.

Mixing a youthful, dynamic mix of cute cartoon work and realism, you can catch Vexx on Youtube or on Instagram @Vexx.

  1. Gawx Art

Gawx Art

Mexico-based Gawx Art is an artist, illustrator, and doodler Youtuber who creates cartoon artwork and videos in a dynamic, electric style and color.

An artist with exceptional comfort in utilizing the full spectrum of colors, Gawx Art imagines and reimagines the world around us as a far more vibrant place. Including a variety of different symbols and inspirations along with his attention to chromatic beauty, Gawx Art’s work is a burst of energy on the Youtuber art scene.

Willing to customize just about anything -iIPads, Crocs, Hydroflasks as a start, Gawx Art approaches any challenge. Recently, he created his first pair of custom Air Force 1s, which fused his custom designs and artwork, carefully and beautifully utilizing the spectrum of Posca paint markers which serve as his brush. With flowers, donuts, custom cartoon characters all spanning the shoe’s uppers, Gawx Art’s blend of style with his work and with the camera makes for an extremely engaging watch.

Take Gawx Art’s frenetic camera style, add his artistic creativity and overall aesthetic, and you get an art Youtuber who definitely deserves a follow on Youtube and Instagram @gawx_art.

  1. Mira Byler

Mira Byler

Popular artist, painter, and ever-smiling Mira Byler claims that “I believe everybody is creative, and sometimes you just need some inspiration to find that spark within!” True to her word, her work focuses on spreading her love of art as well as her exquisite, fresh artwork and designs.

Mira’s Youtube channel centers on her mesmerizing, calming videos as a Youtube artist and creator. In bright, colorful designs, she utilizes a full range of artistic supplies, from Posca pens, unique markers, crayola crayons, and a closet-full of different supplies. Watching her work is a treat too, as her calming and informative videos bring you through her creative process with creating her artwork. Mira is experienced as a sneaker customizer too, having painted several pairs of Vans as beautiful canvases for her artwork.

An inspiration for developing artists, she gives advice on art as a career, as well as tips and detailed instructions for artistic improvement with drawing practice, sketchbook design ideas, and general information about life as an artist.

A genuine artistic force on Youtube, and inspiration for up-and-coming artists, Mira Byler is a definite follow- you can catch her work on Youtube, IG @mirabyler, or on her website.

  1. Leomahalo


Yes, he only has two videos so far. But Tik-Tok famous (2 million plus followers and counting) Leomahalo and his youthful brand of art, energy, and social media influence will definitely be a growing force on Youtube.

Creating his artwork and style in a fun, cartoonish-style reminiscent of Matt Groening’s famous cartoon creations, Leomahalo’s work is a mash-up of many of the cartoons that raised us - Spongebob, Looney Toons, and The Simpsons, to name a few. At the same time, much of his social media mixes his other talents in video-making and photography, capturing his life as an artist and a social media star.

Leomahalo’s artwork has found its way onto graffiti walls, Tesla doors, iPads, canvas walls, and yes, sneakers too. With Tik-Tok, Leomahalo has brought his brand of art into the community, customizing iPhones for other famous social media stars, like Charli and Dixie D’ Amelio, and other famous social media artists, like Vexx and ZHC.

With massive popularity from creating a brand of youthful art with inspirations and references to popular media, Leomahalo’s popularity grows with each inspired video. Give him a follow on his Youtube channel, IG @leomahalo, or on Tik-Tok.

Look for more of the best YouTube artists on The Custom Movement - Articles, and DM me @Colsai on IG with requests and ideas.

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